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Quality Warranty

Pacific Dental Lab warrants all fixed restorations for a period of 3 years and all removable fabrications for a period of 2 years against defects in materials and  craftsmanship.

The following services are not covered by our quality warranty due to their temporary nature:

  • Stayplates
  • Immediate Dentures (after 60 days of wear)
  • Valplast (after 60 days of wear)

Remake Policy

When Remakes are required, they will be offered at no charge except for the following circumstances:

  • Original dental restoration is not returned.
  • A new impression was not provided when requested by the lab technician.
  • The tooth is re-prepped.
  • Selected shade is different than original lab RX.
  • The restoration material, process, or case design is different from original lab RX.

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